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At Wellbeing Yogi Academy we are here to help you learn to nourish your soul with the power of meditation, yoga and healing.

We believe long term health and wellbeing come from balancing your body, mind and soul. Learning to align yourself, listen to your body and create a deeper connection to your true self.

Through meditation, yoga and healing you are able to heal yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Creating harmony on all levels. Helping you reconnect, awaken your intuition, value yourself again and create wellbeing from the inside out.

It's through creating inner balance, that you are able to create long lasting happiness in your life.

Our courses, membership and tools aim to keep things simple! So that you enjoy the process in learning these powerful tools to help you heal. Because they work.

So if you are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, lack clarity and energy, then you are in the right place.

Take the step in learning meditation, yoga and other healing tools to transform your life.

About Your Teacher

Melissa Haymes has been practicing meditation and yoga for over 20 years and has changed her entire direction and perception of life. It awakened something that helped her to find herself again.

Her love grew into becoming a yoga and meditation teacher, so that she could share this beautiful practice with others. Helping other souls to heal themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Ultimately returning back to their true self.

Melissa is a Hatha Yoga Teacher and a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, with extensive studies in meditation and healing.

Over the years she has combined the powerful practice of meditation and yoga with her work as a clinical hypnotherapist, spiritual regression therapist, emotional freedom technique practitioner, intuitive medium and healer. Helping souls to release what no longer serves them, becoming aligned to their true authentic self.

She has a strong passion to help yogis awaken their intuition and connection back to themselves again, so that they can live a balanced healthy life. Creating wellbeing from the inside out.

Her motto is to keep it simple! Find practices and tools that work for you and that you enjoy!


"Learning Meditation with Melissa has been empowering. She has given me tools and information to use every day to help with my issues and worries. Practicing Melissa's meditations has really given me clarity, motivation and strength to do the things I love and enjoy for myself!"
Carla Smarrelli


"Melissa is passionate about sharing her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wisdom through yoga. For me Melissa’s focus on listening to my own body and working with what feels comfortable has been one of the most beneficial aspects of her classes. Leaving each class I feel I have released and cleansed tension in my body, whilst mentally I feel relaxed and calm. I would highly recommend Melissa’s yoga courses/classes to anyone interested in any aspect of yoga."
Sarah Figgins

Product Manager

"Thanks Melissa I felt lighter and very chilled after learning meditation with you. I enjoy that its all about me! As a mum to 3 kids, I've just started to do more again for me... so I'm really glad I'm following through and actually doing just that. Meditation is only the beginning. I'd encourage anyone (like me) take some time out for themselves and learn meditation from the comfort of their own home. Thank you Melissa."
Debra McCurdy

Small Business Owner

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